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Remove the information of a deceased person

To remove the information of a deceased person from the Register, you will need to provide documentation showing proof of death. 

Search the Register to remove the information of a deceased person. Alternatively, you can complete a paper application form.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Examples of documents showing proof of death

  • Burial or death certificate
  • Obituary from a newspaper
  • Memorandum of notification of death issued by the Chief of the National Defence Staff
  • Statement of Verification of Death from the Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Notarial copy of Letters of Probate
  • Official notification from the Public Trustee
  • Document/receipt issued by a cemetery/crematorium in Ontario that proves burial or cremation
  • Life or group insurance claim along with a statement signed by a medical doctor
  • Statement from a medical doctor, coroner or funeral director
  • Program or notice from a funeral ceremony
  • Registration of Death
  • Medical Certification of Death
  • Any other applicable document from the Government of Canada, a Canadian province or territory, a municipality in Canada, or from its agency proving a person’s death